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Before playing at Sportiqo, it’s crucial that you fully understand the  terms and conditions and the Sportiqo Points System

What is the Sportiqo cricket app?

Sportiqo is a game where you can trade fantasy stocks of cricketers, kind of like playing the stock market game. Instead of trading shares of companies, you buy and sell fantasy stocks of cricketers based on their on-field performance. If the cricketer does well, the price of their stock goes up and if they do poorly, the price goes down. You can win money by using your knowledge of cricket and cricketers without having to create teams or compete against millions of other fans. 

The Sportiqo cricket app is a game that requires users to have certain skills and abilities. These include:

  1. Users should be able to predict a player’s performance based on points in future matches and for the remainder of the tournament.
  2. It’s important to understand a player’s upcoming games and analyze their performance in past matches in order to make informed decisions about buying or selling their stock.
  3. The Sportiqo cricket app requires users to have a deep understanding of cricket and be able to analyze match context to predict a player’s future performance.
  4. Finally, users should have a good understanding of a player’s upcoming games and how their performances in those matches might affect their stock price.
  5. Users must also possess working knowledge of math and mathematical models to make accurate predictions. 

Sportiqo Fantasy Cricket Trading : Playing Rules

To play the fantasy trading game on Sportiqo, you need to buy stocks of players that you think will do well in a tournament. The stock price shows how many Sportiqo fantasy points the player is expected to score in the tournament. One point equals one rupee.

For example, if you buy a stock of Kohli in the IPL 2023 for Rs. 100 and he scores 150 points in the tournament, you will earn a profit of Rs. 50 (150 – 100) for every Kohli stock you bought. If you buy 10 Kohli stocks, you will make a profit of Rs. 500, and if you buy 20 Kohli stocks, you will make a profit of Rs. 1000.

But if Kohli scores only 70 points in the tournament, you will lose Rs. 30 (100 – 70) for every Kohli stock you hold.

There’s no limit to the profit or loss you can make, so it’s important to play responsibly.
The stock price changes every day and sometimes every minute, based on the player’s performance. If Kohli scores a century, his price may increase, but if he gets out for a duck, his price will drop a lot. This creates opportunities for savvy traders to buy low and sell high.

You can trade in and out as many times as you want, even while a live match is going on! 

Sportiqo Fantasy Points system:

In Sportiqo, players get fantasy points based on how well they play in each match of a tournament. You can find the details of how points are calculated in the Points System section of this app and also on the website. Note that If a player does not play in a match, for whatever reason, zero points will be assigned to the player for that match. Similarly, if a match is abandoned, for whatever reason, zero points will be assigned to all the players scheduled to participate in that match.

After every match in a tournament, fantasy points are added to the player’s stock. At the end of the tournament, these points are tallied up and converted to rupees, which are given to the holder of the player stock. For example, if you own 5 stocks of a player and his points are converted to Rs. 100, you will receive Rs. 500.

It is important to note that if a player performs poorly in a match, their points for that match can go below zero. However, if the cumulative points of the player at the end of the tournament are below zero, they will be reset to zero. This means that if a player’s overall points at the end of the tournament are negative, the user will not receive any payout in rupees.

On the other hand, there is no limit to how many points a player can earn. If they perform exceptionally well, they might even earn 4 or 5 times their initial auction price. 

Buying Fantasy Player Stocks on Sportiqo

Sportiqo player stocks can only be used for one tournament season, such as IPL 2023 or BBL 2023. To decide which player to buy, you need to use your knowledge of cricket and analyze matches. There are two ways to purchase player stocks:

  1. Initial Player Offerings (IPO): Before the tournament, Sportiqo will offer popular players on their platform. We will offer 5 top players from each team, including batters, bowlers, and all-rounders. The offering price for these players will be decided by the platform based on their current form and ability to earn points. These players will be offered at a discount from their fair value in the IPO, so it is always beneficial for users to buy as many players as they want during the IPO stage.
  2. Secondary market trading: Once the tournament starts, the IPO price will be replaced by higher secondary market prices. These prices will move up and down based on how the player performs throughout the tournament. Users can purchase player stocks during this stage and can even sell them back to Sportiqo if the price increases.

How to decide which player to buy or sell :

Sportiqo is a game where you can use your skills to win money, just like in the stock market. To play the game, you have to predict which players will perform well in the tournament and how many points they’ll score. You can find the points system and historical data on each player on the Sportiqo app and website.

For example, you might think that Virat Kohli will score 200 points and KL Rahul will score 150 points in the entire IPL 2023. You then look at the price at which the player stock is trading. If the price is less than the points you estimated, then you should buy that stock because there’s a chance of profit. But if the stock price is too high, you might want to sell it instead.

You can buy as many stocks of a player as you want, and even buy in fractions like 0.5 or 8.2. You can also buy stocks of as many players as you want. If you make the right decisions, you can make a lot of money! 

Live-Match Trading:

Live match trading is the most important feature of the Sportiqo platform. As you already know, a player’s stock price moves with their performance during the live match. With every ball they hit or miss, the expectation of their final match points changes, which drives their price up and down frequently. These price movements provide exciting opportunities to trade and add to the fun of playing at Sportiqo.

End of tournament and player stock redemption

Each player stock is valid only for a specific tournament, tournament name for the stock can be seen on app :

At the end of a tournament, the points scored by a player will be converted into money and paid to the person who owns that player’s stock. If you have more than one stock for the same player, you will get more money in proportion to the number of stocks you have.
For example, if you have 5 stocks for Virat Kohli and he scores 350 points, you will get 350X5= ₹1750 rupees in your account and your stock for Virat Kohli will disappear. 

Trading Limits

At Sportiqo, we want to provide an experience that’s similar to trading on the stock market, but we have to put some rules in place to make it better for our users. Here are some of the rules for trading:

  1. When we hold an auction, we’ll make a certain number of player stocks available. You can only see and buy the stocks that are available during the auction.
  2. You can buy as many player stocks as you want during the auction, but you can’t buy more than the total number of stocks available. Also, each transaction can’t be for more than 50 player stocks.
  3. During secondary market trading, you can buy any unit of stocks that are available, but each transaction has to be for at least 0.25 units of stocks and no more than 50 units of stocks.
  4. Certain players who drop out of the tournament midway will have their stocks frozen by Sportiqo. This means that users won’t be able to buy or sell those stocks until the end of the tournament. Once the tournament ends, those stocks will be redeemed like any other stock. 

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