IPL 2023 Auction: Date, Retention Rules, Trading Window, and Total Purse Value

The inaugural season of the Indian Premier League in 2008 took the world by storm and ushered in a revolution of sorts in world cricket with a plethora of T20 leagues coming up around the world. The IPL is now one of the hottest commodities in world cricket and throughout the last 15 seasons, almost every detail and news of the league is followed keenly by fans around the world.

The player auction is one of those features of IPL that brings a lot of excitement among the fans apart from the cricketing action. As BCCI gets ready to host the 2023 season of the Indian T20 League which will be played in the traditional home and away format of the IPL, the mini-auction for this 16th season is creating a lot of buzz and excitement.

The player auction is one of those features of IPL that brings a lot of excitement among the fans apart from the cricketing action.



The much-awaited mini-auction for the 16th season of the Indian Premier League is all set to take place on the 23rd of December 2022. it will be a one-day affair contrary to the mega auction which was held over the course of two days in February 2022 ahead of the 15th edition of the Indian Premier League.


The venue for IPL 2023 will be Kochi in Kerala. This beautiful coastal city of Kerala was selected ahead of the venues like Bangalore and Istanbul which were earlier mooted as the venues for IPL 2023.


The IPL 2023 auction will be a mini-auction unlike the auction held last year which was a mega auction.

  •  In the 2023 auction, there is no cap on the number of players that can be retained by a franchise
  • The maximum limit of players in each team is 25 while each franchise is bounded to have at least 18 players in their squad.
  • Also, a franchise can have all 25 players as Indians in their squad while the lower limit of Indian players is 17.
  • The franchise can have 8 foreign players in their squad if needed but there is no lower limit in the case of foreign players.
  • In IPL 2022, six franchises brought injury replacements to their team and these franchises will have to decide whether to retain the replacement player or the original one who was injured. Also, if the player limit allows, they can retain both the replacement player and the original one if they want.


The kind of players a franchise chooses in the trading window and auction is a crucial aspect of making a successful team and that is why all this non-cricketing drama before the action on the field is quite critical.

The BCCI has asked all ten franchises to submit their list of retained players by November 15. The franchise can trade or release the players from their squad before this date. Post the completion of the auction, the franchise can again obtain a new player if any of their selected players are not available for the season.


The salary purse for the IPL 2023 for each franchise is 95 crore INR which is an additional 5 crore compared to the last year. Also, this amount can be further increased for a particular franchise if it decides to release or trade any of its players. The franchise needs to spend a minimum of 75% of its whole purse value during the auction event.

After the last auction, it was Punjab Kings who had the largest purse left while the new franchise Lucknow Super Giants ended up exhausting their entire purse.

Here is the list of all the franchises and the money left in their purse after the 2022 mega auction.

Punjab Kings
3.45 crore
Chennai Super Kings
2.95 crore
Royal Challengers Bangalore
1.55 crore
Rajasthan Royals
0.95 crore
Kolkata Knight Riders
0.45 crore
Gujarat Titans 
0.15 crore
Mumbai Indians 
0.10 crore
Sunrisers Hyderabad
0.10 crore
Delhi Capitals
0.10 crore
Lucknow Super Giants

Our Verdict

The IPL auctions have always brought a sense of euphoria among fans and players. Similarly, we can expect this auction for the 16th edition to dish out some exciting bidding wars as franchises gear up with their new set of permutations and combinations.

Also, we have seen in the past that mini-auctions can produce some seriously expensive buys like Chris Morris who was bought by Rajasthan Royals for 16.25 crore in 2021, or Pat Cummins who was brought by Kolkata Knight Riders at 15.5 crores in 2020. Expect this 2023 IPL auction to unveil some new superstars and engrossing action for all cricket fans.



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