Why is the IPL bigger than any other T20 league?

T20 leagues across the world are a great source of entertainment for cricket fans. T20 leagues have definitely revolutionized modern-era cricket.  Indian Premier League (IPL) in India, Big Bash League (BBL) in Australia, Pakistan Super League (PSL) in Pakistan, and Caribbean Premier League (CPL) are some of the major T20 leagues in the world currently.


Picture of IPL Trophy
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The first season of the Indian Premier League took place in 2008. So far fourteen seasons of the IPL have taken place. IPL is often compared with PSL, BBL, and other T20 leagues in the world. Indian Premier League is also often called the best and most prestigious T20 League in the world.


Reasons why IPL is the best T20 league


Presence of elite overseas players


The Indian Premier League has a rule of allowing 4 overseas players in the playing XI. Usually, the quality of Overseas players dictates a lot about the quality of the T20 League. IPL is indeed blessed with the best pool of overseas players available. Every overseas player dreams of playing in the IPL and creating his name and fame.



Collage of pictures of overseas players in IPL
Iamge from Sports Ganga

AB De Villiers, Chris Gayle, Lasith Malinga, David Warner, Andre Russell, DJ Bravo, Kieron Pollard, and Rashid Khan are some of the elite overseas players who have been a  part of the majority of the IPL seasons and entertained the fans. IPL has managed to attract elite players which other T20 leagues have not been able to do. It is often seen that international players leave their duties in between bilateral series to join their IPL teams which shows the importance of IPL for them.

The knack of domestic talent


India is a cricket-crazy country and there is no shortage of talented youngsters in India. Every year we see unknown domestic cricketers who express themselves and impress the cricketing world. A strong Indian core of domestic players is essential for the success of an IPL team.  

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Fervent fans


It’s rightly said there is no fun in sports without the support of fans. Cricket is almost a religion in India where cricketers are treated as Gods. Cricket fans in India have played a big role in making IPL the biggest T20 league in the world. When a wave of fans is cheering behind you, it not only motivates the players to give their best but also creates an astounding atmosphere to watch.


High Salaries of Players & support staff


IPL is the richest T20 league in the world. High salaries in the IPL attract several cricketers to the Indian domestic league. Usually, the salaries in Big Bash League and Pakistan Super League remain lower in comparison to the Indian Premier League.


Comparison between salaries of IPL and PSL
Image from Tribune

 IPL is the only T20 league in the world to have prize money greater than 10 crores for the winning team. In PSL, the prize money of the winning team is 3.4 Crore. The highest-paid IPL player currently is KL Rahul who receives 17 Crore yearly. While Babar Azam who is the highest-paid player of PSL earns 1.27 Crore yearly from the PSL contract.


High Viewership & broadcasting rights 


Indian Premier League is the most watched T20 league in the world because of the massive fan following of cricket in India. Due to high viewership, the broadcasting rights of IPL are also very expensive. 


According to a report by Duff & Phelps, the broadcasting rights fee per match in IPL is 8.5 Million (US Dollars) which is the highest among all other T20 leagues and the fourth highest among all the sports leagues in the world.



Indian Premier League (IPL) holds a special place in the hearts of cricket fans. The IPL is undoubtedly the best T20 League in the world.

Elite Overseas players, superstar Indian cricketers, exciting Indian domestic talent, high viewership, and salaries are some of the biggest reasons which make the Indian Premier League the king of all T20 leagues in the world.




Q1) Which team has won IPL titles the most number of times?


Ans) Mumbai Indians have won the IPL title a maximum number of times (5).


Q2) When was the first season of IPL played?

Ans) the First season of IPL was played in 2008.


Q3) Who has scored the most runs in the history of the IPL?

Ans) Virat Kohli is the leading run-scorer in the Indian Premier League.


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